Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning at The School of Cooperative Technical Education gives students exposure to the world of work through a set of sequenced and coordinated activities. It addresses the shared goal of educators and employers in preparing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for productive careers. Our program enables students to achieve educational outcomes that align with employer requirements bridging the gap between school and work. Students have the opportunity for applied career exploration that brings job relevance to the educational process. Through exposure and financial support, they gain access to new, attainable career opportunities. We offer Job Shadow, Volunteering, Paid Internship, Clinical Experience, and Pre- Apprenticeship Opportunities. This model is made possible through partnerships between education, industry, unions, non-profit and public organizations. This model delivers a comprehensive set of experiences designed to promote awareness, build capacity and align resources for students giving them the necessary tools to grow, develop, plan, execute and transition to meaningful productive careers in order to support themselves and their families.