About Coop

For over thirty years, The School for Cooperative Technical Education has been a half-day vocational program that offers students hands on training in a variety of in demand and cutting edge trade areas. Coop Tech serves approximately 1500 students in all five boroughs who are 17-21 years of age, and who represent a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, ability levels, and educational histories. Coop Tech students join us as either shared instruction students who also attend over 130 traditional high schools and Pathways to Graduation programs, or as post-graduates who have already obtained a diploma.

Cooperative Learning

Many students at Coop Tech are given the opportunity to take part in the Department of Education’s Work Based Learning (WBL) Program, which provides job readiness skills, knowledge of basic safety and OSHA procedures, CPR, and real-world work exposure. Upon recommendation of program faculty, certain students can be matched with one of Coop Tech’s intern partnership sites. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of internship opportunities as they build their portfolios and expand their skills for future employment. Eligible students who participate in paid internships receive minimum wage in addition to real work experience.