Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Coop Tech is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. It is part of the DOE.

No. Coop Tech is not a high school and it does not offer a path to a High School or a HSE diploma

Students receive a Certificate of Completion from Coop Tech. This is not equivalent to a diploma or exiting credential. In addition, all courses offer career specific Industry Certification Exams that are open to all students.

No. Coop Tech does not issue the CDOS credential.

Yes. Coop Tech courses are CTE certified. Students receive 3 elective CTE credits per semester that may be applied towards the CDOS credential. These credits are automatically reflected on a student’s transcript upon successful completion of a course.

No. Coop Tech does not provide job placement. Transition planning is the responsibility of the referring school. Coop Tech is only a part of a robust transition plan.

Coop Tech has an Office of Work-Based Learning that provides career training workshops and resources to all students. Internship opportunities are offered on an individual basis. All students are welcome to apply for an internship. Students are not guaranteed a paid internship.

Yes. Coop Tech is a DOE program and follows the DOE calendar.

Most courses are one year (2 semesters) long.

Coop Tech has two class sessions: AM (8:30-11:00 AM) and PM (12:20-2:50 PM).

*The class schedule may differ for Coop Tech off-sites.

No. Students can only take one course at a time (either the AM or PM session).

Yes. Upon successful completion of a course, students who are not aging out may continue with another CTE course. This determination is made by the student’s educational team at Coop Tech in collaboration with any referring school.

Coop Tech courses are career specific and skills-based. We cannot pinpoint minimum grade levels. However, all courses involve rigorous academics in addition to hands-on instruction. Students are expected to take standardized industry certification exams.

For more information about a specific course curriculum, we strongly recommend that the applicants, their families and the any high school staff schedule a tour or a virtual info session to ensure that the CTE program meets the individual needs of the applicants.

Coop Tech hosts an adult education program some evenings. It is an entirely different program than Coop Tech, but hosted at our main site. Students are eligible if they are at least 22 years old. For more information, email or call 212-369-8800 ext. 1273.

Application Process

In order to apply to Coop Tech, applicants must be 17-21 years old and either in high school (11th and 12th grades only), a D79 program, or post-graduates.


Yes. However, it is highly recommended that students be able to travel independently or in the process of being travel trained.

Transportation arrangements must be put in place by the student’s D75 School.

Yes. Post-graduates may apply to Coop Tech, provided they meet the minimum admission requirements and have not aged out of the DOE.

If post-graduates were students with individualized education plans before they graduated, they will no longer receive the special education supports and services mandated on their IEP. Post-graduates who are not travel trained are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements.

  • Age (17-21 years old).
  • Grades (passing the majority of their classes).
  • HS Grade Level (11th or 12th grade if standardized).
  • 20 credits minimum (if standardized; does not apply if alternately assessed).

Yes. D75 applicants must submit the Articulation Agreement with their application package.

Once an application is processed by Coop Admissions, decision letters (accepted, declined, or wait list) are emailed to the student, parent/guardian, and the guidance counselor/DOE staff (if applicable) who signed the application.

Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Therefore, no decision letters will be sent in case of incomplete applications.

No. Application does not equal admission. Applicants must wait for an official decision letter informing them of their application status.

Yes. Students are welcome to reapply, provided they meet the minimum admission criteria.

Student Support

Coop Tech is a general education vocational program. Classes are taught by CTE teachers and vary in size from 22-28 students. Some classes have a classroom paraprofessional. The main campus has a drop-in student support center on a limited schedule.

The D75 School is responsible for any IEP mandated supports and services (i.e. individual paraprofessional support, related services, assistive technology, etc.).

D75 Schools sending 4 or more students to Coop Tech are expected to provide programmatic paraprofessional support for the CTE classes.